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Why Resilience? 

Gallup polls show that over 70 percent of the American workforce is disengaged at work, and a big chunk of that group is actively disengaged -- that means consistently unhappy, unproductive, and "contagiously negative." This percentage equates to millions of workers, costing the U.S. between $450 and $550 billion per year. 

We also know that employee resilience leads to increased job satisfaction, increased engagement, and a decrease in turnover. A survey by HR Magazine found that 90% of HR directors believe an employee’s ability to cope with change – in other words, their resilience – will determine their likelihood of continued employability in five years’ time. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, resilience can protect a person from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and can improve your ability to cope in the face of trauma or stress.  Resilience won’t make challenges in the workplace or at home disappear, but it will allow you to move forward in the face of struggle. 

Instead of sugarcoating the reality of adversity and disengagement in the business setting, The Resilience Breakthrough approaches every company's unique set of challenges head-on, drawing on a trademark blend of engaging hands-on learning, captivating personal stories, and a business application unique to your team. After over a decade of consulting of delivering resilience education training, creating curriculum on resilience education, and combining what we've learned into a highly-acclaimed book, we understand:



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